bastian prieler

For Bastian Prieler, design is a multidisciplinary process made up of emotion, function, craftsmanship and materiality, in which the user and his or her physical condition are the focus. Every idea begins with the search for an individual and headstrong character which feels the task as precisely as possible with as little as necessary. Dealing with emotional impact in search of meaning, targeted use of materials, unconventional functionalist thinking in ergonomics and technology are playing a central role in the development process. The roots in the craft are recognizable in every product and form the basis for every design.


Born in Landshut Bavaria Germany in 1988, after completing a carpenter apprenticeship, he obtained a master craftsman’s certificate with distinction before studying interior and object design. For this he was awarded the State Government’s Master Prize twice and the Gold Medal of Merit of the Chamber of Crafts. In the following years Bastian Prieler worked as a designer for a well-known office and designed products for famos manufacturers. Bastian Prieler founded a studio for industrial design in Germany 2021 with Christian Diemer and began a series of successful collaborations with well-known manufacturers.


Bastian Prieler’s creations have won several international awards. Including the Interior Innovation Award Best of Best 2019, the Focus Open in Gold 2018 as well as several German Design Awards, Red Dots, Good Design Awards and many more…